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Stop Email-Borne Threats with an Email Spam Filter

An exceptional email spam filter is a must for your IT security today. Spam email continues to threaten employee productivity, performance and company or personal security. Email spam lowers productivity by filling up employee mailboxes and forcing them to wade through these as they look for genuine emails that they need to act on. Email spam negatively affects network performance by consuming bandwidth, and ultimately increasing the cost of your email management.

The most dangerous threat that spam poses is in its content. Majority of hacking attacks today begin with some form of phishing. – email-borne threats that are wreaking havoc in businesses around the world.

MailSafi provides a superior email spam filtering service to mitigate against threats posted by spam. MailSafi’s email spam filter is cloud-based and is compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), MDaemon, Zimbra, Postfix and other shared hosting platforms.

Mailsafi email spam filter

An Email Spam Filter from MailSafi

MailSafi’s email security suite provides a first-class email spam filter. MailSafi deploys the latest email threat intelligence and sophisticated multi-layer threat detection engines offering businesses protection against spam, viruses, malware, Trojans, ransomware, zero-day attacks and other advanced threats.

Mailsafi spam filtering

MailSafi’s email spam filter:

Is a cloud-hosted email spam filtering service. This ensures your email is stripped of any threats before it is forwarded to your organization’s mail server for onward transmission to recipients’ mailboxes. Spam, viruses, worms and malware are captured before ever entering the corporate network.

Enhances your employee productivity by allowing businesses and users to access their own spam quarantine database. This means that in the rare event that an important email is marked as a false positive, users can check and retrieve these genuine emails from quarantine, reducing calls to the support desk.

Offers both inbound outbound email filtering service – emails are also filtered as they leave your organization. This minimizes the risk that your organization will be blacklisted on the internet

Has the latest spam, virus, and malware protection therefore minimizes the risk of infection by detecting and blocking viruses, worms, spam, malware, etc.

Blocks 99.8% of spam and 99.999% viruses and malware.

Supports email validation technology including SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

Is continuously updated by our MailSafi team of security experts.

An easy-to-deploy email spam filter

MailSafi’s email spam filter does not require any additional infrastructure on the client side to work.

24 * 7 client support available if you need help in deploying the email spam filter or to respond to any other queries.

An Email Spam Filter for Advanced Threats

To stop threats like phishing, business email compromise (BEC, email account compromise (EAC) or CEO Fraud, MailSafi’s email spam filter scans every incoming email in real time and block suspicious URLs and attachments.

MailSafi also offers cybersecurity awareness training to assist businesses to empower their employees in the fight against spam. Helping employees identify and understand different email threats will prevent them inadvertently clicking on links or revealing sensitive information, MailSafi improves frontline security protection against the most common email-borne threats today.

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Spam Filtering for Advanced threats

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