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Cybersecurity Training

Prioritizing cybersecurity training and awareness in a company is a crucial step in preventing major losses faced by companies today. These include losses incurred as a result of ransomware, password security breaches, business email compromise, email account compromise, loss of data, spoofing and phishing attacks, spam, viruses and malware.

Learn to defeat online threats to your company, particularly those coming via email – phishing, spoofing, hackers, trackers, malware, viruses, business email compromise, email account compromise, etc.

Our cybersecurity awareness training covers the following:

• Common email threats – Malware, spyware, viruses, spam, ransomware, hackers (password spraying and bruteforce attacks), email spoofing

• Identifying phishing and phishing emails – identify and avoid suspicious links

• Business Email Compromise (BEC)

• Email Account Compromise (EAC)

• How to know if your account has been compromised

• Email security – do’s and don’ts

• Password management – practice guidelines

• Two-factor authentication and application-specific passwords

• Risks presented by mobile devices (including tablets or iPads)

• Dangers of Wi-Fi (public networks). Remote work has been on the rise for months now owing to the coronavirus pandemic. More and more employees are working outside the organization either part-time or full-time. We address the dangers of public Wi-Fi including the possibility of a password or other data being leaked.

• Social engineering

• Securing sensitive and confidential information

• Encryption

• Safe internet habits - learn secure browsing habits, how to identify phishing schemes and social engineering attacks

• Endpoint protection

• Data Backup and disaster recovery

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