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Microsoft Office 365 Total Protection with MailSafi

Email Security Service

It’s important that organizations using Office 365 or any other third-party email service find and implement a strong, multi-layered email security solution. Email has remained the number one cybersecurity threat in delivery of cyberattacks like phishing, spear-phishing, whaling, business email compromise (BEC), CEO Fraud and ransomware becoming alarming issues for many businesses.

MailSafi Email Security Service lets you easily protect your business, employees, clients and partners from the most sophisticated email security and cybersecurity threats by acting as a email filtering gateway solution that sits between Office 365 and external domains.

Mailsafi email security service

Why Organizations Need Email Security Service for Microsoft Office 365

You need to ensure that your business data and email users are protected from the constantly evolving email security threats. This requires a layer of security beyond the standard Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

While Microsoft’s first-level of protection, Exchange Online Protection (EOP), provides a decent level of protection against known malware threats, it is far less effective at identifying and blocking new virus, spam and malware types.

Because of its wide use, Microsoft Office 365 is a prime target for attackers looking for an easy way to compromise email accounts and in turn, company data.

New phishing attacks are also often not detected by EOP. While Microsoft does offer a second-level of protection through an Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that is an improvement on EOP, even with this option, organizations only get low-to-middle level of protection, according to independent cybersecurity research testing report carried out over a period of two years by SE Labs.

Organizations on Office 365 that have implemented heterogeneous email security solutions are much harder to attack.

MailSafi’s Email Security Solution makes your Microsoft Office 365 Investment a Greater Success

A number of businesses are adopting cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 for their email and collaboration. While Microsoft Office 365 is a good email and collaboration solution and has in-built email filtering security capabilities, its security features often don’t live up to expectations.

MailSafi Email Security Solution addresses the gaps in email security that remain open for attackers to exploit Office 365 users without interrupting end-user workflow. MailSafi Email Spam Filtering Service uses a multi-layered approach to offer one of the best and most effective email security and spam protection solutions. It brings the highest guaranteed spam filtering and virus detection ability to protect users not only from a flood of unsolicited spam email messages, but also from infection by viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, ransomware and other advanced cybersecurity threats.

MailSafi Email Spam Filtering service provides superior email protection for Microsoft Office 365, defending against spoofing, phishing attack, spear-phishing, whaling, ransomware and other advanced email threats.

MailSafi Email Security Service is easy to set up and extremely intuitive to use, simplifying your IT security management.

MailSafi Email Spam Filtering Service – Powerful Protection for Office 365

MailSafi offers a comprehensive cloud hosted email security gateway designed for use as an additional layer of protection for Office 365. MailSafi Cloud Email Security Service is an industry-leading solution for advanced threat protection for Microsoft Office 365 users. It safeguards all your business email in Office 365 with zero impact on overall email performance.

Multiple antivirus and antimalware engines to automatically identify and block/quarantine emails with malicious links and attachments in Office 365 and MS Exchange inboxes.

MailSafi Powerful Protection for Office 365

Office 365 Protection from Phishing, CEO Fraud, BEC, Brand Hijacking and Domain Spoofing

Trust your mailbox with MailSafi Cloud Email Security. The most sophisticated email and spam attacks are those that impersonate trusted contacts, legitimate businesses, colleagues, and even customers to fraudulently obtain sensitive data and money.

Phishing attacks are perhaps the biggest threat facing businesses using Microsoft Office 365 and MailSafi Email Spam Filtering Service provides a robust layer of security to protect against most advanced phishing attacks.

Use SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for email authentication, email header anomaly analysis, display name, and lookalike domain analysis.

IP reputation filtering.

Strong inbound threat protection, with multi-layered threat protection engines including link analysis, full attachment sandboxing, spoofing and ransomware protection.

Offers protection against phishing attacks, some of which may come in the form of fairly sophisticated impersonated email messages.

Protection against Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and CEO Fraud.

Easy-to-use spam management interface to view quarantined spam, release, and also review logs for any mail.

Cost-effective add-on for Microsoft Office 365 users that is easy to scale.

Flexible, subscription-based service that can be paid for monthly, quarterly or annually.

Outbound email filtering through MailSafi cloud gateway servers.

Office 365 Protection from Phishing and Spoofing
Mailsafi spam income filtering

Zero-hour antivirus protection to detect and capture new forms of malware.

Sandboxing to detect and block new (zero-day, zero-hour) and advanced, evasive threats before they reach your mail server.

RBLs, DNSBL for known spammers.

Allow whitelisting and blacklisting.

Leverages on MailSafi’s vast global threat intelligence systems and teams to collect real-time threat data from millions of collection points around the world to continuously update MailSafi Email Security engines.

Outgoing spam and viruses are blocked. This minimizes the risk that your business (domain) will be blacklisted on the internet.

Email spooling/queuing: If Microsoft Office 365 goes down, your emails will be automatically queued on our servers until your service is restored.

Easy and quick to deploy into the Microsoft Office 365 environment. No additional infrastructure or software required on your part! You only need to change your DNS records to point to our servers.

MailSafi Email Security Service Encrypts your Office 365 Emails in Transit

Your Office 365 emails are sent to the MailSafi Email Security Message Center for 256-bit encryption in the cloud. They remain encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) until they are delivered to the intended recipients. TLS encryption prevents eavesdropping when messages are in transit.

Email encryption helps secure Office 365 emails and meet compliance requirements or regulations.

MailSafi Email Security Encyption

MailSafi Can Train Your Employees So They Can Act As An Extra Line of Defense against Email Security Threats

Therefore, beyond investing in and deploying email security protection softwares, spam filters, antispam, antivirus, antimalware, firewalls and other software solutions, employees need to be empowered and equipped with the knowledge and skills to become better at spotting and dealing with socially-engineered attacks that may come into their mailboxes as spam and are various forms of phishing, spoofing, CEO impersonation attacks, email account compromise, etc.

MailSafi provides leading-edge cybersecurity awareness training to help employees counter sophisticated phishing attacks, email fraud and other socially engineered attacks.

Our cybersecurity awareness training helps your users sharpen their anti-phishing skills with phish threat simulations to test their understanding and effectiveness at spotting malicious emails.

Do not compromise: Combine Microsoft Office 365 with an industry-leading, cost-effective spam filtering and full fledged email security solution.

MailSafi cyber security training