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A Hosted Email Filter for Business

First things first: what is a hosted email filter? A hosted email filter is a remote email security service – most often, cloud-based. Hosted email filters are deemed to be lower cost to acquire and maintain than on-premise solutions. They are also much easier to scale up or down as business environments change.

Depending on the size of your business, a hosted email filter is a more effective and more cost effective solution than on-premise solution. You would also benefit from expert support and 24 * 7 monitoring.

Hosted Email Filter

Benefits of a Hosted Email Filter

It is important to be clear that while in general hosted solutions may be more effective and easier to manage, not all hosted email filtering services are the same. Some have better capabilities than others because they go to greater lengths to achieve higher performance.

Some hosted email filtering services also allow IT administrators in each business to apply some additional rules to either whitelist or blacklist a sender or domain. This would in turn help to protect the business better from email-borne threats.

The best hosted email filtering services must be user friendly because if it’s too complicated, then it will become difficult for the administrators to apply any changes that are specific to their environment. Settings can even be tweaked to be role or user dependent.

Because hosted email filtering is done outside the organization network, there is less strain on companies’ internal resources such as network or memory on servers. Good spam filtering services incorporate greylisting and outbound email filtering, both of which can be quite resource intensive for an organization. Outbound email filtering is important as it means emails are scanned before they leave the corporate network. Outbound scanning prevents your business’s IP address from being blacklisted. This can easily happen if one of your email users unknowingly downloads a virus onto their machine or brought a malware or virus-infested device from home and attached to their computer. Blacklisting would lead to emails bouncing – failed deliveries – and potentially negatively affect your business reputation online.

On the other hand, greylisting helps to protect organizations from receiving spam from not-yet-known sources of spam. This is particularly important for protection against advanced threats such as email phishing, malware and ransomware.

MailSafi’s Superior Hosted Email Filter for Business

Our hosted email filter is MailSafi Email Security - a comprehensive cloud-based email filtering service secures businesses’ email users, customers, partners and suppliers from advanced email-borne threats. It scans both inbound and outbound emails. MailSafi Email Security uses a combination of techniques such as real time blacklists (RBLs) and DNSBL, greylisting and whitelisting, sandboxing, email header analysis, signature and static/dynamic file analysis, multiple antivirus and antimalware engines to ensure higher detection rates. Our hosted email filter also supports DNS Email authentication methods SPF, DKIM and DMARC to protect against email spoofing attacks.

MailSafi Email Security is easy to set up and requires no additional hardware or software installation on your network – just a change to MX records. MailSafi Email Security is managed via a web-based portal with an easy-to-use interface where administrators can view and release quarantine messages as well as generate reports on-demand.

MailSafi hosted email filter is compatible with almost all operating systems and applications. It works for on-premise mail servers as well as shared hosting platforms. It is also compatible with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). We will queue your emails when your email server is unreachable and release them once it’s back up.

MailSafi’s Superior Hosted Email Filter for Business

Try MailSafi’s Hosted Email Filter Absolutely Free!

Are you concerned about the volume of spam email coming through to your business? You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of our service. Our free trial will give you a chance to experience the power of MailSafi Email Security and monitor its effectiveness at preventing email spam from entering your own business environment. You cancel at any time you wish. No obligations asked!

You can contact us for more information on this service or any of our other services – email hosting, email archiving, domain registration, domain hosting and website hosting.

You can also check out our MailSafi Email & Collaboration solution – our cloud-based email hosting solution which is inclusive of our full suite of MailSafi Email Security.

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