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Best Email Hosting For Small Business

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Best Email Hosting For Small Business | MailSafi

Best Email Hosting For Small Business | MailSafi

If you are a brand new startup or a small business with a small headcount, I bet you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on professional business email accounts, right? If this is you, then acquiring an email server to self-host should never feature in your to-do list! Aside from being costly to set up, they are also complex to set up and present several challenges. They have the potential to sap all your energy not just in setting up but in managing in the future.

A third-party hosted email service will offer you many of the benefits of in-house email without the expensive direct capital outlay and certainly without the indirect costs.

Here’s some great news! There’s an alternative, very affordable, stress-free email hosting service for your small business. MailSafi’s starter email hosting plan comes at a crazy affordable low cost – and you won’t have to compromise on reliability! For as little as $1 per month and 10GB, storage space per user, you can get a professional email account!

MailSafi offers a highly reliable cloud hosted email service.

Read more on the benefits of a cloud hosted email service.

Sign up today, and we will help you get started!

Important note: You will need to sign up for a domain name first, though! If you don’t already have an active domain, please sign up for one here. You may also transfer your domain to us if you would like.

MailSafi Basic Email for Small Business or Professional

MailSafi Basic Email for Small Business or Professional | MailSafi

By signing up to MailSafi Basic email hosting for your small business, you will have access to:

✓ Your email anytime, anywhere, and on any device (smartphone, desktop PC, laptop, tablet) where you have an internet connection

✓ Your email via either your internet browser (webmail) or via your preferred email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.).

✓ Mobile and desktop sync to allow you to synchronize your emails across all your devices.

✓ Calendar to schedule appointments. You can also share your calendar with other selected users within your business.

✓ Address book to store and share your contacts with others in your business.

✓ Our full suite of MailSafi Email Security services to offer you protection against spam, viruses, malware, as well as protection from phishing, spoofing attacks, ransomware and other advanced email threats.

✓ Our experienced technicians to ensure your email is up and running 24 * 7 * 365 days a year. You will not have to worry about hiring a full-time employee to manage your email. We will take the stress of managing your email over from you too, and allow you to concentrate on what matters - growing your business.

✓ Access to your own administrator panel to set up and manage your email accounts. We can also do this for you if you prefer. You just need to write to us and request for addition/creation of new accounts, deleting old accounts, password resets, and other account management tasks. We’re always happy to help.

MailSafi email hosting is quite easy to scale. As your business grows, you can add new email accounts easily and quickly. Our rates are charged per user, so you will only pay for what you need. Should your email storage requirements change, you can also get additional storage space on request at a minimal fee.

✓ You can upgrade your plan at any time. Just let us know and we will assist you through the process.

✓ A 30-day free trial to test our email hosting service for your small business is available if you would like to check out our service before you commit.

✓ Our technical support team is available to you 24 * & at no extra cost - in case you have any queries or need any help.

Business Email Hosting Hybrids

Business Email Hosting Hybrids

MailSafi supports business email hybrid solutions. So, if you’re a small business that is already on a different email solution such as an on-premise or self-hosted server, or you are with an existing third-party cloud email service provider such as Google or Microsoft, and you would like to cut costs, you can consider our email hybrid solutions: MailSafi + Google Workspace or MailSafi + Microsoft 365.

Our hybrids offer seamless integration and seamless mail flow – with one shared domain! If coming from Google or Microsoft 365, you will be able to make significant cost savings without compromising on security and reliability of your email service.

We fully understand that as a new/small business or professional, you may not be able to make a lump sum payment for your business email service. By choosing any of our MailSafi email hosting plans, you can make payments either monthly, quarterly or annually. Talk to us if you would like to consider a flexible payment plan.

Hosting your Emails on a Shared Website Server

Hosting your Emails on a Shared Website Server

As with many startups, you may also be considering a shared hosting service. Shared hosting refers to hosting your emails on the same server as your website – a server that is shared with other businesses or persons who are also doing the same. Shared hosting services offer several promises of unlimited storage, unlimited email accounts, and so on. However, please note that shared hosting services are not the same as full cloud email services. MailSafi also offers options for shared hosting when you sign up for our web hosting services, but we encourage you to read and understand that there is a difference between these two email hosting services for small business. Here’s a blog explaining the difference between fully managed email hosting and shared hosting on a website server.

Also, check out our related blog on should I host my email on a shared website server for more insights on this topic. We hope this will help you decide on what is the best email solution for your small business.